Everyone has Aspirations for themselves, their children, their loved ones.  Aspirations can be brought closer to reality through the kind of financial help we provide at First National Bank of Anywhere.  

Give Profiles in Aspiration to customers and prospects.  Customize it with special features about your organization and the role finance can play in achieving aspirations.  By so doing, your bank conveys a positive attitude about its role in helping customers achieve their aspirations, as well as providing specific information.  Individual finance oriented segments direct customers/prospects both to sources of additional information and to contact personnel within the bank.

Because of the timeless entertainment, motivational, and informational content this is not a onetime throw away piece. This DVD will be saved and your message will be available for viewing on multiple occasions.


The project objective is to improve the effectiveness of marketing communication and generate an outstanding return on investment for the sponsor.


Suggested test: cost is $3 per DVD, min, quantity 2000. Lower quantities, higher cost per unit.


DVD Cover :
Brought to you by
First National Bank of Anywhere
With special material on
Achieving Aspirations for Yourself and Loved Ones:
Career, Managing Money, Car, Home Ownership, Education, Retirement
Brief Bank Specific Welcome (1 minute)
Who we are.  Why we are doing this. What we hope you will get out of it.  Where to find the special material.

The content is a combination of the sponsor's content and the "customized" content of the award winning DVD, Profiles in Aspiration.  The sponsor can choose chapters from our profiles of women athletes.

Special Advantages

This "inspirational marketing" project has important characteristics that will help it succeed.

  1. The customer is in an inspired, receptive, appreciative mood when he experiences the ad.
    • The DVD has potential for multiple viewings.
    • There is no clutter of other advertising.
    • Client can use the content in the retail location, on the web, on television.
    • The appeal is demonstrated.

(film festival invitations, award winning, successful screenings in cinemas and classrooms, on TV in October, 2005)

  1. Can be used internally as a human resource development: inspiring a healthy life style
    • It can be self liquidating, The customer can charge a nominal amount for the DVD.

NOTE: There are chapters about women athletes in football, baseball, squash and soccer, in the editing phase.