Profiles in Aspiration

May 01, 2005

Sporting fabulous production values, this DVD introduces viewers to an assortment of dedicated young women athletes, whom we see in beautifully-filmed vignettes at practice and in competition.  In between these clips, the high-school and college-age girls talk about the physical and psychological demands of their particular sports, the effects on their personal lives, and the importance of finding one's own athletic passion, as the interviewees here have done.  Encompassing a wide range of athletics -- including water sports, judo, frisbee, gym wheel, mountaineering, fencing, ice and field hockey, Irish and tarantella dance, track, handball, and triathlon -- the focus here is not really on gender issues, but rather on the philosophies and practicalities of the competitive athletic life in general.  Bargain-priced, this inspirational program is likely to appeal to young women with a serious interest in sports.  Recommended

by K. Glaser, Video Librarian